Babolat Pure Drive Play 2014 Tennis Racquet



Composition: Graphite Tungsten
Headsize: 645cm²/100 sq. in.
Weight: 300g / 10.6 oz
Balance: 320 mm / 7 pts. HL
Length: 685 mm 27 in.
Flexibility: 72 ra
Grip Size: Options from 1 to 5

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Babolat Play – Analyze your swing. Improve your skills. Ace the game.

The Babolat Play is the very first first Bluetooth and USB connectable racquet designed with technology that monitors and analyzes your game. The Babolat Play may look and feel like a regular tennis racquet, but it offers so much more. Sensor seamlessly integrated into the handle give players access to each and every facet of your game.

Check out just a few of the categories the next leap in sports technology lets you track and improve:

  • Longest rally
  • Shots per minute
  • Estimation of energy spent
  • Forehands
  • Backhands
  • Serves
  • Smashes
  • Power
  • Spin
  • Proficiency

Just like the Pure Drive that many professionals tennis players choose, the design and specifications of the Babolat Play tennis racquet are impressive. It can be plugged into any computer and communicate with almost any tablet or cell phone. The brilliance of the new racquet is in its connect-ability.

With Bluetooth compatibility built-in, players can look into their game without any cords. The Babolat Play Pure Drive racquet is designed for both connection and powerful play. This new tennis racquet offers impressive speed, maneuverability, and flexibility.

Babolat Play is truly the next step in sports technology.

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